About Us

LP gas distribution, Sri Lanka

Our Journey...

Power Row began its journey with the establishment of Power Row Energy Services and Solutions Private Limited in year 2018. At the inception itself Power Row sets its intention to become the first choice energy solutions partner in South Asia by providing energy solutions to the daily needs of the common man.

In the early years of Power Row’s journey, most of its energy solutions were associated with liquid petroleum gas or what we commonly call LPG. However they envisioned a marketplace beyond LPG to becoming an energy solutions provider and invested there time and money in conducting research and development initiatives on various other energy sources.

After three years into its market entry today Power Row has over 30 domestic energy installations, over 100 commercial installations and over 5 industrial installations which goes to show the growth potential of Power Row. If you are in need of an energy solution to resolve a burning issue in your domestic, commercial or industrial environment, you can feel safe at the hands of team Power Row, whom stays committed in serving your need to its fullest.

our Mission

To become South Asia’s first choice Energy Solutions Partner.

our Vision

To provide safe, reliable and durable energy solutions while training our internal resources with the latest energy solutions in order for us to meet our consumers evolving requirements and build lifelong relationships that makes us a sustainable solutions provider for your daily energy needs.

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